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Blonde Blue

Olaplex, the ingredient that changes everything


Bet on blond! Now you can do anything without ever damaging your hair again. On photo shoots as in hairdressing salons, colorists have no more apprehension, their client's hair will never be damaged again.

You are free to use Olaplex as a tool or as a new service in its own right. If you use Olaplex as a tool, you must incorporate Olaplex Bond Multiplier N ° 1 in your bleaching powder or coloring + oxidant mixture and finish by applying Bond Perfector N ° 2 after rinsing the color to prevent the hair does not break or become sensitized.

Boost Olaplex sales by offering it in the form of a new professional service. Include in this case Hair Perfector N ° 3. Your clients will take it home and apply it once a week to prolong the benefits of Olaplex and prepare the hair for the next color or bleach. Hair Perfector N ° 3 is a treatment with amazing benefits that hundreds of clients have seen on their hair.


An original ingredient that has the power to multiply disulfide bridges or repair broken bridges. There is only one !

We started by finding two of the world's best materials and chemistry researchers. They had never worked on hair before, Dr Eric Pressly and Dr Craig Hawker. Thanks to this new perspective, this dream team has come up with a unique synthetic ingredient, free of silicone and mineral oil, which connects the broken bridges within the hair during and after the coloring or bleaching protocol, making the hair stronger. than natural. Are you skeptical? We invite you to check out what the top hairstylists / colorists are saying about Olaplex on social media. You will see, to try it is to adopt it!

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